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Currency Transactions

Message Format brand1(acct1) to brand2(relayInfo) amount unit "note" #txnNum brand2 is required only when performing inter-entity transactions.
Create Budget a1(MainRev) to (MainExp,@2,abc) 42 hr "Q2 Budget" A mandatory waiting period may be enforced to ensure auditors are informed of currency issuance in advance.
Assign Budget a1(10011) to (24) 42 hr "wage" Not reversible; instead, assign budget in the opposite direction as needed.
Offer a1(10001) to b2(2,@1,abc) 100 hr "" Will be approved automatically unless
a manual hold, approval, reset, or
rejection is submitted
Put on Hold a1 to b2 *100.00 hr "january payment" #3302 Prepend an asterisk (*) before the amount. This will cancel autoapproval
Manually Approve a1 to b2 100.00 hr "january payment" #3302 reply with received confirmation message as-is
Reset a1 to b2 =99.00 hr "1% discount" #3302 Prepend an equal sign (=) before the amount; you can also change the note.
Reject a1 to b2 !100.00 hr "january payment" #3302 Prepend an exclanationpoint (!) before the amount.
Refund Offer a1 to b2 -10.00 hr "partial refund" #3302 Use a negative amount. Amount must be less than (original amount - other reversals).

Ledger Administration

Message Format brandName [add/del/set] [parameter="value" OR @userNum]  
Add new ledger a1 add ledger="hr" Brand 'a1' will be created as needed; will create MainRev and MainExp accounts
Add new account a1(hr) add p="Common Expense"
a1(hr) add n="Store 1"
p = expense account (credits); n = revenue account (debits)
Assign or remove user as an account owner a1(10001) add @47
a1(10001) del @45
Set account authorization code a1(10001) set auth="fti" c = can be used to add to budget
f = can be used as from-account in budget assignment
t = can be used as to-account in budget assignment
i = can be used in intra-entity transactions
x = can be used for inter-entity transactions
Reset account name a1(10001) set name="New Account Name"  

Membership Activity

Message Format brandName [add/set] @userNum param="value"  
Add member =a1 add @3  
Set role =a1 set @3 role="admin" Possible roles: admin, member, kin, none
Set member authorization =a1 set @3 auth="cftix" c = can parcitipate in budget creation
f = can originate budget assignment
t = can receive budget assignment
i = can participate in intra-entity transactions
x = can particiate in inter-entity transactions
Set hours =a1 set @3 hours="30" Valid membership requires that the member set hours to >0 and the brand admin to assign a valid to the member
Shortcut when adding new member =a1 add @3 set="member,ftx,30" *Not coded yet*

User Activity

Message Format * [add/set] param="value" Use asterisk since there is no brand involved
Register as a user * add user="" mypwd limkey Parameters are explained below
Set password * set pwd="newpwd"  
Set contact * set contact="1234567890" Notifications will be sent to the contact address, which defaults to a phone number
Set Email * set email=""
Set Limited Key * set limkey="1utp" Limkey is used to authorize crediting of an account by seller. It is optional