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King County Government to Use ICB for 10% of its Budget

September 26, 2008 16:05

King County has announced that it will start issuing its own currency brand for up to 10% of its yearly budget. It has registered with xICB Index for public reporting of its aggregate transaction activity. This move makes King County the latest in a growing list of goverment entities to set aside a portion of their tax revenue towards receiving the ICBs of other market entities ... (more)(related)

Amaze Bookstore Reports 86% To-Date Credit Recovery Rate

September 26, 2008 12:05

Amaze Bookstore has released its latest quarterly summary report, stating that it has cancelled all but 14% of its self-accrued debt to-date. This industry-leading recovery rate came as a result of Amaze's suspension of new currency creation for the third quarter of 2008 ... (more)(related)

Brook's Orchard to Merge with Kitsap Farmer's Coop Brand

September 25, 2008 18:05

Brooks Orchard, in a joint statement with Kitsap Farmer's Coop, announced that it will cease issuing its own currency brand effective October 31, 2008. At that time, all unused Brook's Orchard credits and debits will be assumed and maintained under Kitsap Farmer's Coop currency brand, ... (more)(related)

Stealth Landmines to be Dropped from NYICB Index

September 25, 2008 16:05

The NYICB Index is dropping Stealth Landmines Company from its list of actively maintained currency brands. The head of NYICB Index said that Stealth Landmines' average credit recovery rate was under 25% in the last three consecutive quarters, ... (more)(related)

Pacific Northwest Currency Brands Top in Self-Regulation for Q3 2008

September 25, 2008 14:05

The Currency Brand Auditing Institute, based in Los Angeles, CA, has released a report showing a composite inflow:outflow (I/O) ratio of 1.05 for 100 Pacific Northwest currency brands for the thrid quarter of 2008. The nationwide average I/O ratio, which indicates the ability of market entities to self-regulate their respective currency activity, is 0.88 for those who spend less credits than they receive from other entities and 1.20 for those who spend more than they receive ... (more)(related)

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